Improve Your Speaking Skills With These Tips

Professional speaking skills are sometimes easy to improve on, especially if you’re a first-time speaker. Even seasoned speakers can still be very proud of their speaking skills and have no trouble demonstrating these skills in front of an audience. While it’s true that anyone can go online and purchase a book about how to speak for an audience, there are things you can do as a speaker to make your speech more effective.

General Idea

Before you get started with your speech, make sure you have a general idea of what you want to say and the overall tone you want to create. 

Relaxed and Comfortable

For example, some speakers will tell a story before introducing their main point or focus, while others prefer to use body language as they give their presentation. Either way, it’s important to feel relaxed and comfortable with the topic you are about to speak about.

Proud of Yourself

If you don’t feel this way, then you will not be able to create the proper presentation that makes you proud of yourself.

Great Speaker 

Speaking from a position of confidence is a key element of being a great speaker. When you’re nervous, your body language will change which will have a negative impact on the way your message is received. 

Be Confident

Your voice may sound hoarse, your body language will look awkward, and you will certainly forget how to be confident during your speech.

It is also important to make sure that the position you are in during your presentation is right for you.

Deliver Your Message Clearly

 For example, if you’re standing up close to the audience, then keep that distance so that you will be able to deliver your message clearly. 

Don’t Look Uninterested and Unapproachable

On the other hand, if you’re sitting down in front of a large group of people, then keeping that distance makes you look uninterested and unapproachable.

Good Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb is to keep at least 30 inches between yourself and the audience.

To achieve a feeling of calm

Get into a meditative state before your speech. This can be accomplished by listening to relaxing music, reading a book, or having a private session with a music therapist. Get into a good state of mind where you can relax and focus on your message. The first few times you speak in public, you might find that you get a bit nervous and lose your voice. If this happens, just take a deep breath and keep going.


Try to practice beforehand so that you can become comfortable and confident with your message. If you’re unsure about certain points you may want to get a trusted friend or family member to help you with the speech.

Ask for help

The best person to ask for help is someone who has never been in your shoes before. They will give you honest feedback on what they like and dislike about your presentation.

Research the overall format of your presentation

It is also important to research the overall format of your presentation. A good method for presenting a speech is to write out a sample at the beginning of your speech and use this as a guide throughout the speech. If you’re unsure of the format, just consult your research material and practice some new ways to present your ideas.

Most professional speakers will tell you that practice makes perfect. Just be sure to practice your speech in front of a group of people so that you can perfect your delivery.